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AA and faux psychology

So, a friend of mine has been drinking a lot lately and it worries me. Not necessarily because of volume (and it hasn't necessarily been alot) but because of reasoning behind it.

I've had a friend who got drunk every day for a year, yet I didn't worry about her becoming truly addicted to it. Why? Because she was just drinking to drink. It is only when you associate emotion with it that it becomes dangerous. My friend has been doing THAT lately - drinking as a means to escape or not think about a particular circumstance. That is what will get you in the end. Stuff like drinking tequila(a drink she doesn't even like) shots at 2am Monday morning is a disturbing trend. I've tried to talk to her about it, but she won't listen to me. She thinks I'm overreacting, but I've had enough experience with alcoholics and alcoholism to know danger when I see it. I've even put MYSELF on alcohol restriction when I began to use it to escape my problems.

I think the point to be made is that everyone has to face their problems, fears, emotions, etc. eventually. The more you fight them, the worse they become. So my advice to y'all is don't hold everything in. I'll try to adhere to that if you will :)
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