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Weekend Events and such

I'm tired. Why you ask? Well because I saw Wrestlemania last night in Lansing with Andy and Bernie and then drove back this morning. The show was well worth it (except for maybe Brock Lesnar v. Goldberg, BOOO), but I'm just no longer used to not getting sleep. My sleep is more precious than ever now because it seems like I'm always doing something, and the lack of downtime is draining. I'm not really complaining about the lack of downtime, I'm merely explaining why I need sleep.

Why is it that certain members of my family think that my life is not as busy as I claim? My uncle wanted me to join a bowling league and when I responded "I don't have time," he acted as though that was impossible. Seeing as how most of my days start before 8 and don't end before 10, I think I'm pretty darn busy, don't you?

Anyway, Saturday was a group meeting, followed by Value City Furniture mess (which, by the way, worked out well), followed by Family Game Night. My mother is sickenly good at word games. She kicked butt at Boggle, Scattergories, and Taboo (although her team lost).

Friday night mom and I took the babies (my nephews and niece, for those not in the know) to Chuck E. Cheese's for fun and frolic. The children were good, but my mother drove me nuts. Corey, who is five, asked mom if she had a hot butt. Where does he get this stuff?

So, there you have it, my weekend in review in reverse.
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