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Wedding Stuff

I marry psi032 in seven days. I've been told it would be good to post at this time in my life so I can look back and remember.

A recap of everything that happened with wedding stuff since the beginning:

psi032 proposed on December 24, 2007. I had no idea, even though I had about a hundred and twelve clues. The day before, we visited with Andy, Bernie, Heather and some other folks. We were leaving and he went back into the apartment to tell them something. I heard Andy say "no sh*t!" That really should have tipped me off, but it didn't. The next morning, he called my dad to ask permission and my dad was dropping hints all day. Then, he insisted his parents come to my cousin's house, which was odd. Then, we got to my cousin's house (the site of the proposal) and my uncle (who my dad just HAD to tell) said "Congratulations!" as we were walking in the door. I think my mom socked him in the stomach to shut him up!

So many hints, yet I had no clue. *shakes head*

I picked out my dress and all my accessories except jewelry in January. I chose the bridesmaid dresses. I also booked my ceremony site and reception hall. It was a fun time that involved my mother driving around a lot and taking pictures for me. She was not to happy with me in January! A lot of arguing with her! I also picked the wedding party assignments, only to have them change later. It all worked out the way it should, though.

In February, I traveled home for the first time. I got to sample the cake and the food. That was probably the most fun I had!! loveprincess524, as the maid of honor, got a different dress. We picked it while I was home as well.

March is when the assignments changed. I also changed cermony locations. My original venue, while beautiful, was too far from the reception site AND it was too small. It turns out they were going to cancel on us anyway. Go figure. We also decided on invitations - only to have to do it again in April after we forgot what we wanted. We're geniuses, obviously.

In April, I was in full planning mode. I ordered the invitations and started to think about details like favors and programs. I came up with a theme of sorts to tie everything together. I was very productive in April.

Around Mid-May, I became really sick of everything. The pace in April caught up with me and I felt quite overwhelmed. I withdrew from wedding stuff until...

...the invites came in June. Then I picked back up again with addresses and stamping. The address wars began as he struggled to get them to me in time. In fairness, he was also gone for the lion's share of June. I also finalized all the little details and started on the favor boxes, which was by far the biggest craft project I have every done. July 4th weekend we met with the pastor and edited the ceremony, allowing me to finalize the programs. July 18th was my bridal shower and bachelorette party. I had so much fun at both.

July also saw the RSVPs trickle in, and they became the bane of all existence. Overages abounded and I began more and more stressed. I think psi032 thought my head was going to explode!

I was still stressed out until the count was turned in on August 9th. After, I was able to let go of the stress (mostly) and let some excitement seep in. Everything has been coming together, though I always feel like I don't have enough time.

So, here we are seven days out. We fly to the D in the morning and the wedding week craziness begins. I'm excited, nervous, ready but not ready for it to be over. So, basically, normal! :)

Time for bed to catch the early flight. Night world!
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