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Smiley With Flower

29th year.

I turn 29 today. I'm only a stone's throw away from the big 3-0. It seems so strange; I really don't know where in the world the years went. I feel like I should be turning 25 at the most. Like I slept for 4 years and woke up 29. I'm astonished by the fact that time just flies by without being noticed.

My mom, Gregg and Cindy are coming to visit. They will be here this afternoon and will stay until Monday morning. This excites me verily. I miss my mommy and Gregg and Cindy are really cool peoples. I used to hate Gregg when I was a little girl because we antagonized each other constantly. Then, when I got out of college and started working, there was a time period where we emailed and talked every day for a long time. I discovered then that me and the Gregory have a lot in common. We are a lot alike. Who knew!! All this to say I'm excited to see everyone. Which, BTW, is why I am up at 7:02 when my alarm is set for 7:45.

Before psi032 left for PT this morning, he said "Try to get some sleep, ok?" It's as if he knows me or something!! I didn't go back to sleep after that, by the way. I hate it when he's right.

Ok, enough typing. Everyone have a wonderful day. That is a mandate from the birthday girl. :)



I'm glad you're family with be there with you to celebrate.

I am not looking forward to turning 29 at all. I'm glad that you're there to pave the way.

You gave me a lot of good tips on what turning 27 would be like ...



Don't get too torn up about being 29. You're still young and beautiful:-) Hope your visit is fantastic!
Thanks! I'm not TOO torn up about it. It's just a little weird to be this close to 30.

Besides, I had a wonderful day. I should post about it.
Happy Birthday (belatedly)!

I had the plague.
That sucks mightely. I heard the plague is BAD.

Thanks :)