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Smiley With Flower

The cars are angry with me

It was time to turn in my lease. So, on Saturday, I traded for another Saturn. I enjoyed the car for several hours - and then it was broken. It wouldn't accelerate at all. We called at 3am for a tow. On a street with no name. It took a while and involved flagging down the tow truck, so I watched them load my poor car onto the truck. The tow truck driver informed me since Saturn was not open on Sunday, he would tow the car Monday morning.

No biggie. I'll just drive my old car. I still have it in the parking lot. I search the apartment Monday morning for the keys and realize that they are in the old car. Which is at least thirty minutes away. Or on a tow lot that I can't find. And I have to be to work. Great.

So Monday, psi032takes me to work and I get a rental. Saturn pays for it. They call and tell me that a balloon caused the problem. It got sucked into the car and gunked up something in the transmission. Good. Easy fix. My car is fixed. I tell them that I can't pick it up until Tuesday because I have choir rehearsal. My very first one! I get five miles up the road and the tire goes flat.

So, I ride home on a donut. And cry. Because now, I have to drive twenty-someodd miles on a donut. Great.

I really think that cars hate me.

On a unrelated note, no LJ allowed at work. This saddens me.


If there's no lj at work, how do you manage these posts in the middle of the day? Sneaking?

Sorry to hear about all your car troubles. Hopefully, you're getting them all out of the way not so that there will be no more later...
No, unfortunately LJ is blocked, so I can't sneak and use it even if I wanted to. I wrote this entry from home during my lunch break. One of the perks of living less than a mile from your job.

Yeah, I got my car back today and all seems to be well. Hopefully, it will stay that way.