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Smiley With Flower

Things are peachy keen over here in the Brandiverse. I've kept pretty busy as usual. I'm avoiding schoolwork and work-work right now because...well, I don't want to do it.

So, I got my new couch and dining set delivered yesterday. There is a problem with it, of course. Why do I keep going back to Value City? I must find a new furniture store that is not Value City or Art Van. I will have to trek to Novi this weekend and see if I can't get it straightened out.

Choir rehearsal last night was very stressful. It deteriorated into a bickering match. A lot of people got their feelings hurt. It's sad to see that coming from a group of Christian folks, but so be it. I mean we all love each other, but things got out of hand last night.

So, I'm a little excited about the Family Game Night this coming Saturday. Why? I don't know. I guess I like hanging out with the family more than I like to admit.

And in other news, I had the most pointless group mtg. Monday night. Really, time I can't get back.

The dreaded ex emailed me Monday. I didn't answer it, but start placing bets on when he'll email me again. He's never going away, I'm telling you.

Life overall is good. I have problems, but for some reason, I don't seem to care that much. I definitely have the attitude of "I can't control it, so why care?" nowadays. Things that were big deals are no longer big deals. Life is short. I certainly don't have enough time to worry.


glad things are going well--miss you, but i'll be seeing you soon!! weird al on the 8th, baby, i'm coming with you guys!

oh, and if you're coming out to novi this weekend, stop in and see me at meijer. 12-10 saturday...sunday i'll be at home in the afternoon.

and i'm glad you've learned how to get over the little things. very important life skill, and can surprisingly decrease your risk for high blood pressure and heart disease.

I miss you, too!

Saturday, I might be over in that neck of the woods, so I could stop by...

Sunday, I'll be in Lansing with the boys, though.

I'm happy that you're going to see Weird Al with us. What fun!!!

the dreaded ex?

Which one?

Re: the dreaded ex?

Why, the only dreaded ex I have...Jason.

Re: the dreaded ex?

I thought so but I wasn't sure. What did he want?

Re: the dreaded ex?

He wanted to apologize for his behavior a couple of weeks ago. He threw a temper tantrum and I didn't respond like I used to with "I'm so sorry." crap. I told him to go screw himself, basically. Now he's trying to get back in my good graces, I suppose.