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Smiley With Flower


Today, I was being productive. After doing several things on my to-do list, I was figuring out dinner when I saw that the trash overfloweth. As I was walking to the dumpster, a bird flew down from the top of the building and ATTACKED ME. On the way to the dumpster and back. Because I was flailing and screaming and running like I had just been released from a home for the mentally insane, the bird was not able to get a grip and really peck me. But I felt his nasty little claws all on my shirt and in my hair. It was terrifying, really. I hope he's not still there tomorrow because if I go out, I don't want to have to worry about being attacked by a birdy.

On a different note, I'm not too fond of the way Texans take their time figuring out if they want you for employment. There is this company that I applied for that said they would review my resume the first part of last week. I did not hear anything, so I called Wednesday afternoon and left a message. I was all primed to call yesterday again when I received and email that said they hadn't had time to discuss everything and would get back to me next week sometime. I mean, don't mind me, I'm only trying to get a JOB AND INCOME here. GRRRR!

At least they aren't like the bank that just never called me back. I checked the website and the position I applied for is delisted. I suppose they found someone. GRRR!

I need a job. Really I do. It is very quickly becoming the source of stress around here in more ways than one. GRRR! I hate rejection and I really want this job. It sounds so cool and like it could restore my love of computers that I had back in the day. You know, when I thought programming and all consuming knowledge of technology was fun and not a burden. I do miss that feeling sometimes. Dreaming about code and crazy crap like that. I'm sure userillusion knows what I speak of.

Anyway, that is all that is happening in the way of eventfulness. Do you people even read this thing anymore? I miss you guys.


reading is fundamental

Yes, I still read! :)

I've seen some hires at my job happen very quickly and others take a looooong time. Especially when several people are reviewing the candidate's resume or you're trying to schedule several people to be available for interviews.

Also, a delisted position might only mean that they got a whole lot of resumes and they think they have more than enough to work with.

I should be dreaming about those cute little 1's and 0's right now, so off to bed I go! Keep applying for jobs and try not to stress yourself out too much in the meantime. Good night!

Re: reading is fundamental

Hewwo. I've pretty much given up on the bank job. I have not heard from them since the beginning of March AND the job is delisted AND I wasn't particularly qualified anyway.

I have not given up on the other one, though, so we shall see. I did apply to another job at the bank today that I'm more qualified for - I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Chin up!

Yes, we do read (occassionally) You act like I haven't posted to LJ since like November... oh, wait *cringe*

Don't loose faith just yet. Just because a position isn't posted any longer does not mean they've filled it. Depending on how many resumes they have, they could take awhile to sort through the pile (trust me - I can say that first hand!) Good for you for following up - not everyone does that and it reminds them you're still interested. Who knows, maybe they sought your resume out of the pile to review thinking you were very wise to have called...... keep me posted and good luck! Just keep applying and calling on places. You'll have a job before you know it.

Re: Chin up!

oh, p.s. I like you're new format :)

Re: Chin up!

It's not new, it's OLD! LOL

Re: Chin up!

Ok, seriously! I haven't posted since NOVEMBER!!!! So I'm a little behind......

Re: Chin up!

I haven't heard from the bank since the beginning of March, so I've given up on that one. But the other one is still promising.
I read daily.