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Today, I was being productive. After doing several things on my to-do list, I was figuring out dinner when I saw that the trash overfloweth. As I was walking to the dumpster, a bird flew down from the top of the building and ATTACKED ME. On the way to the dumpster and back. Because I was flailing and screaming and running like I had just been released from a home for the mentally insane, the bird was not able to get a grip and really peck me. But I felt his nasty little claws all on my shirt and in my hair. It was terrifying, really. I hope he's not still there tomorrow because if I go out, I don't want to have to worry about being attacked by a birdy.

On a different note, I'm not too fond of the way Texans take their time figuring out if they want you for employment. There is this company that I applied for that said they would review my resume the first part of last week. I did not hear anything, so I called Wednesday afternoon and left a message. I was all primed to call yesterday again when I received and email that said they hadn't had time to discuss everything and would get back to me next week sometime. I mean, don't mind me, I'm only trying to get a JOB AND INCOME here. GRRRR!

At least they aren't like the bank that just never called me back. I checked the website and the position I applied for is delisted. I suppose they found someone. GRRR!

I need a job. Really I do. It is very quickly becoming the source of stress around here in more ways than one. GRRR! I hate rejection and I really want this job. It sounds so cool and like it could restore my love of computers that I had back in the day. You know, when I thought programming and all consuming knowledge of technology was fun and not a burden. I do miss that feeling sometimes. Dreaming about code and crazy crap like that. I'm sure userillusion knows what I speak of.

Anyway, that is all that is happening in the way of eventfulness. Do you people even read this thing anymore? I miss you guys.
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