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Smiley With Flower

My mood.

Most days, I'm my normal, bubbly, silly self. But there are days when I feel like everything I do is the wrong thing to do. Everything I say is wrong, every time I try to help it comes out all wrong, and menial tasks become difficult undertakings. It's like I'm running my face into a brick wall no matter which way I turn.

I know that life sucks sometimes. Peaks and valleys and all that jazz. But sometimes I lie down in a valley and resolve that I will be there forever.

Things are good here, for the most part. But still, I feel like every move I make is the wrong move.

No, I'm not saying that I'm going to give up on life or anything that drastic. I just, for once, which that something could be easy. Not everything, but just ONE thing would be nice.

In other news, we have no water. The main broke night before last. Ants are invading the kitchen because of all the dirty dishes, and I feel like I'm unfairly taking things out on psi032 simply because he's here. I'm nagging him and he's being his wonderful self, just trying to help me as best he knows how.

Anyway, this post is a lot more depressing than I intended. Anyway, what's going on with everyone else? I really do miss you guys.