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Quotes from Bowling and random tidbits

psi032 and I went bowling tonight. My favorite part of the night:

Me: Hey, all you need is two pins and you'll break 100!!
He rolls and hits one pin!

One of psi032's friend's kid:Inchme and Pinchme were sitting on a ledge. Inchme flew away. Who's left?
Me: You ain't pinching me!

psi032: Look, we're tied.
I look up and we are tied at 69.
psi032: And such a good number.


I had fun!

In other news, I finally got a second interview with the "never call back" place. It is actually a subsidiary of a bank. The man I interviewed with liked me, but he said I would be a "hard sell" because of my lack of banking experience. So, he's working to work something out for me, which may turn into a contract-to-hire thing wherein I do some really cool process stuff they need done while I learn my actual permanent position. I can dig it.

Like I said, he REALLY liked me. So that's cool.

P. S. psi032's birthday is Friday. He is being very silly with the "don't do anything extravagent" and "I don't care it's my birthday" crap. I'm still making plans, so there!
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