Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

Texas Living

So, how is everyone? I'm doing pretty good here. Other than, of course, not having a job.

I've been looking. I even had an interview last week. But, the stupid place SAID that they were going to give me a second interview but have not called with the second interview. I wonder if they are no longer interested. I would like to know that if that is the case.

And yes, I've called and asked. And I got NOTHING. I'm debating whether or not to call back again today. I will definitely tomorrow, but I don't want to look like a psychopath.

Anyway, I've unpacked all 25 boxes that the United States Postal Service handled, so I guess that means I'm officially unpacked. Coolness.

psi032 and associated cohorts (like angelkizzez and her husband) are attempting to make me a WoW addict. I got to tell you, the game is addictive.

Getting the game setup, however, has been a pain in the tuckus, with no less that three Best Buy trips and at least one more left. There was also wireless router setup (which was a pain) and, at one point, switching bits of computer around.

In the end, all computers have their own bits, but my computer is not connected to the wireless router NOR does it have enough anything to play WoW. I would need a graphics card, a wireless adapter and more RAM to play. Not to mention that I don't think our router can take two computers playing the game at once.

Saw Music & Lyrics yesterday. It was pretty cute. I like Hugh Grant (not like that). I like Drew Barrymore (again,not like that). I liked the movie.

My eye is bothering me. My left one. I'm having a bit of trouble seeing out of it and a bit of pain. I need to go to the doctor for this, but I hateth the doctoreth. So much so that I keep thinking that being blind in one eye isn't that bad really.

I've lost some weightage since I arrived. 3 or 4 pounds I believe.

That is all for now.
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