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I've had an eventful few days. I did all my usual (except the whole going to choir rehearsal bit, it was cancelled). psi032 has been in town, so we've been hanging out. He bought me the Buffy Season 2 DVD(s), on his birthday, no less.


Yesterday was Denise's birthday. I took off from work and she had an all day celebration. It started at 9am and ended at around 11:30pm or so. It was a lot of fun and I managed to buy furniture in some down time. (FYI: My couch and dining room table are both irreparably broken *SIGH*).

So, first was breakfast at Bob Evans, then Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, which is the COOLEST PLACE. They have all of these video games and equipment, some dating back to 1900. They even have the oldest version of the genie from the movie Big. Everything is operational and admission is free.

Next was lunch and pool at Player's Bar and Grille. I actually won a game, and NOT BY DEFAULT!! (I have no aim, and so I usually suck at pool). Then we went to the Putting Edge, a glow in the dark putt-putt golf course. We danced to 80's music and played some air hockey, too.

Last but not least was dinner at Brann's steakhouse. Mmm, mmm good.


*Doing the macarena in Brann's and walking like and Egyptian at the Putting Edge*

*Riding the fake waterskis and fake rollercoast at M3M*

*Winning a game of pool on skill, not luck as usual*

*Beating Maurice up (always a fun time)*

*Sucking at pinball, but not so much at Ms. Pac Man*

*Not sticking my hand into the box (you had to be there)*

*Talking about possible recasts for Christ in the Passion (no, Angela Bassett would NOT make a good Christ)*


*Twisting my knee, hurting my arm, and getting ill.*
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