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Smiley With Flower


When I was in grad school, there were these two women in there thirties that said to me "When you turn 27, everything is going to change for you. That's just how it is. 27 is that type of age for everyone." And me, I defiantly dismissed it, pointing out how stupid it is to say that everyone has the same metamorphosis (and at the same age, as if!).

Of course, they turned out to be right. I hate it when that happens.

I still don't buy this '27' bullshit (and I've been told this by no less than 5 people, separately), but I can say that it happened to me.

Go fig.

Life is changing. It's changing for the better, I think. For that, I'm grateful.



*cough cough* not that I'm 27, but if I were I definitely wouldn't be buying into this 27 changes your life nonsense... but I might feel hopeful knowing it's happened for a real live person.
I still don't buy it. I think it is one heck of a coincidence, though.