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The Hotness

Big Wheel Keeps On Turnin'

I haven't posted an update in quite a while. You're all probably sitting on the edge of your seat wondering about my life. Or not. Whichever you prefer.

Anyway, I'll do this in subject segments as opposed to time segments (that's far too much work)

As of today, I still have a job. I will probably still have a job until I quit (more on that later, I suppose). They are getting rid of Lotus Notes, but they are doing it at the slowest pace ever devised. (Email will be replaced in 2007, databases are to be after that). We are learning the new technology at an even slower pace than that. It's not hard to learn, but it is so different than Notes. Our users are going to be stalled for months. When business comes to a screeching halt, I wonder if Ass on High (aka the CISO, thank you very much) will acknowledge that it is his fault. Chances: Slim to None

I volunteer at two different places: Recording For the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D) and Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA). Neither do I do as diligently as I should (bad Brandi!), but I do go sometimes, at least. userillusion and I were in the BDPA High School Computer Competition many moons ago. We've been helping with the competition this year and I am disappointed on many different levels. Most of the kids don't care, the trainers are not that great with the kids, and the training is structured wrong. I gave my suggestions for improvement for next year and one of the old coordinators talks as if she may come back (which would be a GODSEND), but nothing is concrete as of yet.

My family is pretty good. We went bowling yesterday. I lost every game as usual. With two leaguers (my mother and my uncle) and two brothers who are better than me, I had no chance. I had fun anyway and my family behaved for once. :) (By the way, no my father did not come. He is rather anti-physical activity. I could say he's antisocial, but that is only true in certain situations.)

It's true I have a social life. It is also true that I have lots of friends. However, we are becoming too old for the same ole' crap. Everytime I think of a club, I think of smoke and cost and loudness. Before, I thought of fun and drunken revelry. Time has changed me, my friends.

So, now we eat and go to movies or stay at home. Some say its boring, but they've obviously never met my friends! Never a dull moment around these parts. I am grateful for this, because I despise boredom. No really.

psi032 is doing well. We collectively are also doing well. I can't wait to see him when he gets back from playing in the sandbox. I didn't believe that this separation would be easy, but some days it's much harder than I imagined. The point is that I miss him. And I guess that's a good thing in a lot of ways, right?

At some point after he returns to the states, I'm going to be moving to TX (probably). The move will be happening sometime in the first half of next year.Though he is certainly the catalyst that made me solidify plans, he is not the only reason I am moving out of state. I'm really excited about spreading my wings and venturing away of the comfort of Michigan. I'm so reliant on this particular life and I think it causes me to not explore new things. I hope the move will stir up some inner motivations that have long been dormant.

My 10 high school reunion is in August. I'm not going for a lot of reasons. One of them is lack of money. One of them is lack of desire. There are different shades in between that I won't discuss here.

Life in a nutshell. Is it a cashew, almond or pistachio? I'll leave that up to you to decide.


Hi there

I meant to RSVP on your journal and I forgot. Yes, I will be there on the 29th. I'll email you so that you can email me directions to your house.

I know buffyeas will be joining me, but I don't know if she asked userillusion about it.

I can post too!!! well comment anyway

No, Ass on High will not admit fault or see it anywhere in his general direction. There are scape goats to blame and fire for that kind of thing, from all you have said, I'd not be surprised if that is how he is.

For BDPA was it you or userillusion who mentioned that they were asked to be a coordinator. If that is not the right word, it was something about taking more of a leadership role in the organization. Sounds like that would be the perfect way to get some of that fixing you are talking about done.

Bowling sounds fun. For the record you and me are not to bowl against friends and family, we both suck. Well actually since neither of us would get that upset about loosing I guess we can bowl are hearts out, and take the loss and the fun in stride. I count it a good game when I break 100!

I know this long distance thing isn't easy but thank you so much for putting up with all of this. I can't wait to see you either.

We talked about the reunion this morning....or last night for you, let me know what you decide.

What kind of nut is youphoric or what kind of nut is her life? :) I like cashews!

PS your location says seventh pit of hell. We now call our place of work the pit of despair....

Re: I can post too!!! well comment anyway

Post, comment, same difference. (NOT!)

They asked us both, but seeing as how I'm not going to be here for a large part of the training next year, userillusion would have to do it... if he wanted to, which he really doesn't. Being a coordinator is a huge commitment, and for two people who got sucked into the commitment that they're doing, more commitment = not so much. We did manage to give our input, so we'll see how far it takes things.

Hey, are you calling me a nut? Don't think I didn't catch that! ;)

The pit of despair is what I used to call it, but it has actually gone above and beyond that.