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Smiley With Flower


I'm bored. Ask me anything.


Why won't my feet stop hurting?
Perhaps it would be better to ask me things I have answers to.

Although, if I had to guess, it would be because you stood for too long this weekend and they are tired. I hope you're getting a lot of sitting time today!
You would be correct though.

Next question: When are you free?
Let's see, I'm am free Saturday eveningtide. I am free Friday eveningtide as well.

How was your weekend? And how's your man doing?
My weekend was good. I had a wedding to attend on Saturday morning, but nothing the rest of the weekend. It was quite relaxing.

My man is doing well (well, as well as possible given his current location). I will leave it at that because I'll start talking about him and soon I'll be one of those people who no one wants to be around because I'll only speak of him constantly. So, yeah.
Can I have a pony?
I'm gonna have to say no. I mean, that's illegal in these parts unless you have a farm or something.

Now, if you have a farm to keep the pony on and the pony does not live with you, I will say yes.

I, of course, am not paying for the pony.
Can I have an animal cracker?
You can! We still have a few left.


Umm.. What's your view on 6/6/06?

And what's for dinner!

Re: UMmm...

I think 6/6/06 is silly and pointless. Of course, silly and pointless is sometimes just the thing one needs. I don't think that it's anything to get all upset about, like some religious zealots were. These same zealots probably give their children Halloween candy and Easter baskets.

As for dinner, yesterday I had dinner at Fishbone's (it's dining, New Orleans style!) with my sister-in-law. I had a burger because I couldn't deal so much with the spicy yesterday and share cheesecake.

Tonight is up in the air. It depends on what buffyeas cooks.
Why do I look guilty even when I'm innocent?
Because you are probably guilty of something.

I am just the opposite. I look innocent even when I'm guilty.