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The Long Update

I haven't updated completely since the Easter Weekend stuff because I've been SO busy.

The week of the 17th was stressful on so many levels. I was pulled into a big project at work and I was told that I had to do work for two other big projects at the last minutes, one of which launched on the 24th. Those changes have still not been fully tested and are still having problems (hmm, wonder why? I hate lack of planning). This was, of course, coming off of my pleasent three day weekend.

The week was full of normal activities. I practiced my song for the first time with the piano and we worked out a lot of kinks. It was decided that I needed backup singers(!) which never materialized. *shrugs*

My sister-in-law's brother-in-law had a fabulous 40th birthday party. They showed a video of his life that was so well done and beautiful. It was great! Afterward, my brother, sister-in-law and I succumb to our hunger and stopped for pizza on the way home. We talked about everything, including how my Easter conversation with psi032 seemed rather strange. Somehow, I still did not see the next week of my life coming.

On Monday, psi032 calls me from the plane. He stresses the importance of seeing me as soon as humanly possible. I invite him to go out to the bar/restaurant with the chorus's weekly crew (Page's in downtown Farmington) on the 2nd. After rehearsal, we scoop him up and head to Page's. It's always fun for me to bring together different aspects of my life. Anyway, by the time I got home and hung out for a bit I was slurring my words. psi032 didn't leave until 2, so May 3 consisted of a LOT of coffee. It was on that day that we decided I would take the 5th off so we could spend the day together.

Since I was taking the day off, Liz and I decided to have a Cinco de Mayo party at some point. Shelly volunteered to cook and I assigned roles to everyone who confirmed attendance.

On Thursday, I practiced my song for the first time with the band. We discovered the HAWTness that is the bass player, so that was fun.

On Friday, psi032 arrived at my house pretty early. We had not thought our plan out, so we drove back over to that side of town to see my parents. Then we ate and I ran a few errands. We went to play putt-putt. I won the game AND a free game on the last hole, thank you very much.

We headed home and waited for Shelly to call to go shopping for the food. It was a good thing she ran late because psi032 and I had a lot to talk about! I'll spare you the sappy details (at least those who haven't heard it already), but it was then that we decided to be together.

We had the Cinco de Mayo party that night and I told my friends one by one (I should record their reactions).

Saturday, I went to a play that one of my co-workers directed in Lapeer. It was very entertaining.

Sunday psi032 and I went to activities coordinated by loveprincess524 and her peeps. Then, we went to psi032's granny's house for Sunday dinner.

Monday, psi032 and I decided over lunch that I should take Wednesday off. I happily agreed. I didn't do much of anything Monday or Tuesday other than work. On Wednesday, I picked psi032 up bright and early. I called to say I'm leaving my apartment and he says, "Well, I have an errand to run so you might beat me back." I'm thinking, "What does he have to do now? I hate when this happens." So, I get there and he's there but he says "Give me a few minutes." So, now I'm really annoyed. Finally, he comes out.

We got to talking and I got over my annoyance quickly. We went to visit Denise at work and then stopped at Best Buy for a few items. We came back to my place and psi032 says, "You know the errand I had to run this morning? It was to get you a gift." Then he pulled out a dozen long-stemmed red roses! He really tricked me! He also got me a Army Build-A-Bear (I LOVE Build-A-Bears) and a lovely card.

We went to Denny's to eat at some point and then we hung out at home before heading to dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. Then we went to my first dress rehearsal of the week, where the chorus sang "God Bless America" to give him a send off. It was touching.

He stayed with me on Wednesday night and left me on Thursday morning. I cried to my mother and then went to work in a FOUL MOOD. That night was dress rehearsal #2 and it lifted my spirits a bit.

Friday I worked, got my hair done, and then headed to Country Day for the concert. Friday night's concert was ok, but the crowd was not giving us much of anything. It was like Senior Citizen Day on Friday! Afterwards was Chorus dinner at Copper Canyon. Fun Times!

Saturday's show went much better. The crowd was more into it, for sure. After that was the cast party and a lot more fun.

Sunday, I went to my grandmother's and then came home to do nothing.

It has been an amazing and tiring few weeks.
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