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Smiley With Flower

Energy is a virtue

Short update:

I'm running on fumes. I have gotten about 9 hours of sleep over the past two day period. Add that in the mix with my sorrow in psi032's departure and REHEARSALS, and it is a wonder that I am functioning.

So, everyone send some energy my way. Thans!

On a side note, I just got hit on by a co-worker in England. I'm slightly embarrassed, but it's cute.


Yeah, I'm really sleepy. The getting hit on was priceless, though. I said hello in kind of a husky voice (only because I'm hoarse today of all days). He said "You can call me using that voice anytime! Here's my cell phone number, too." I laughed because I really wasn't trying to be like that. It was funny.
*sends energy and hugs your way*
Thank you my dear. I made it through the weekend!
Get some rest girl. I'd send ya energy if I had it....here's for a more restful weekend for us both..
I got some rest finally, yet I still feel drained today. Perhaps it's the neverending rain.

energy and happy thoughts from me to you

Getting hit on by two men working in other countries...I see how it is. :-)

Feel better, and be happy with that rare day of sunlight MI was just blessed with. Hope this next storm front blows over soon. If you can't get a sun lamp to cheer you up....maybe a lava lamp?

Re: energy and happy thoughts from me to you

Feeling a litlle competition, are you. ;)

Ooh, I like to stare at the lava. I'm such a kid.