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Smiley With Flower

So, buffyeas and I went and got Costco memberships yesterday. I'm a huge impulse buyer (I have crappy impulse control, really) and this was my impulse buy of the day:

Anybody want any ANIMAL CRACKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I LOVE aminal crackers. (and yes, I meant to spell it that way.:P)
Aminal crackers are the best. thing. eva.
Aminal crackas and earl grey tea.

good times.
Oh youphoric we will be friends forever. Animal crackers...GOD how I love them.
I thought we were ALREADY going to be friends forever. ;)

I cannot stop eating the animal crackers. There is already a sizable dent since this picture yesterday.
And then I find that the sizable dent is because buffyeas took a 1 quart bag to work with her. *sigh*


Those look so freaking yummy. I'm an impulse buyer too. but look at the good things you get *grin* Enjoy.

Re: yum

I cannot stop myself. I tried not to buy it, really, but my roommate encouraged this behavior. Besides, we just couldn't leave all the animals in the store. It's too cruel.
Animal Crackers kick ass! I love those big bins from Costco too...
Costco is great. I keep telling people that I felt like Mario in Super Mario 3 when he would go to Giant Land.

And then I get crazy looks.
I totally know that feeling ...I've felt it in Costco.
That's the best analogy EVER.
AND it was the first thing that came to mind.

A friend of mine at work told me that the new Nintendo coming out will allow you to download any Nintendo game ever played and play it. You'll also be able to play some Sega games. I'm so excited, I might have to buy one.
Yeah... I've been reading reviews and thoughts on it. I'd only want it for the old nintendo games... I'm not really into new games.