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I hate scales

You know, I was talking to a friend of mine and he was laughing hysterically at me because I knew all of the chemical names for the sugar substitutes; saccharin (Sweet N Low), sarbitol(Splenda), and aspartame(NutraSweet). I don't think I'm weird, I've just struggled with the weight thing for an extraordinary large chunk of my life. I could blame my mother for part of that, for I remember the first time she freaked about my weight to this day. I was 13 and I hit 140 for the first time. I have a large frame and even then I had a big CHEST, so 140 was not excessive. Yet, she told me I was getting fat. Now, every time I put something in my mouth, she's counting the calories, carbs, fat grams, or whatever. It is the most annoying thing in the world. I know she is concerned, but when I was within 10 pounds of the weight she THINKS I should be, she told me I was too fat to get a date.

Anyway, I wish I was one of those people who can eat everything and not gain anything. I had a roommate like that once. Her favorite food was grease, she ate 17 times a day, and she was so skinny people thought she had an eating disorder. She didn't, but she was that skinny.

Enough about food. Stupid Cupid Day is fastly approaching. What are you doing on that day? If you don't have a romantic interlude planned and/or you want to do something fun, come to salsa lessons with me at 4, followed by Open Mic Poetry at 7. Open Mic is $5. It is all happened at Cream Cafe on Lahser and Civic Center Dr. in Southfield. We'll have a blast!!!
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