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Smiley With Flower

DUDE, really.

So, Maurice called me at 12:35pm to yell at me for forgetting his birthday. Which is TODAY.

Seriously, I had 11.5 more hours. I have a life and a job that I need to attend to.

*shakes head*


Did he really yell?

Either way, that's some bull shit. Just thought I'd confirm that in case you were wondering whether or not it was....

Re: Did he really yell?

Well, he doesn't yell, really. It's more of a nagging or complaining.

Yes, he has completely lost it.
that's ridiculous.

Uh. And, he called me Saturday with the "I know you're just going to forget" phone call.

I don't usually forget birthdays. I'm actually pretty good at remembering them. So, why would I forget his?
Well now you really won't forget his birthday. You should call him next year on his birthday at like 3am or some shit;-) He won't nag at you again for sure after something like that.
Yesterday was my friend's birthday too and I sent the wish in just under the wire. She didn't scold me, but I will admit I had been exchanging emails with her all day and she never once mentioned "Hey ass-hole, thanks for remembering." I am lucky.
Some people!