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Last Thursday, I went to see Chris Rock at Soaring Eagle in Mt. Pleasent with Bernie and Andy. Chris Rock was funny, but the guy that opened for him was only slightly entertaining. We arrived an hour before the show was to start, so we had to entertain ourselves. Some people seated behind us horded in on our fun, and we made quite the chorus line while dancing to "Hey Ya!" Bernie and I did the hand wiggly thing while the folks behind us swayed(or Cabbage-Patched or something) from side to side.

Of course, the night turned a little ugly when said people (who happened to be white) decided that Bernie looked like 1) Ben Vereen, 2) Tiger Woods, 3) Usher, and 4) Wayne Brady. Most of you should know that none of these people look alike and a few of you may know that Bernie doesn't look like any of them. We seriously believe these people may think that all black men look alike. Of course, when Andy tried to say something about the lookalike conversation, I advised him to keep his mouth shut lest they should start to talk about who people think he looks like (I can't say who, but as a hint, I'll tell you his first name starts with Tom and his last name starts with Green).

Anyway, Friday night was pretty eventful. I was invited to the movies, but I decided not to go. The movie was Barbershop 2 and I wanted to see the original first. Of course, this plan was shot the following evening because...

On Saturday night, Maurice, Denise, and I went to see Barbershop 2. It was pretty entertaining. We went to the late late show, so I was pretty tired.

I didn't go to church on Sunday. I washed all the clothes I own, I think. Then I went to a play called Yellowman at the Repertory Theatre. It was pretty good. These people next to me were very disrespectful during the whole thing. Not to mention I heard some slightly racist comments (they were white). You know how much I HATE racism, right?

And here we are, in the present day. Yawn.
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