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Stolen from jennisis

A year of first lines...

January:It seems I haven't updated since before Christmas. I've been too busy sleeping and relaxing for all of that.
February:"You can also change properties that control whether frames have visible borders, are resizable, and so forth."
March:I miss all my friends living in the same state.
April:Who here got an A in their class?
May:Whatsupper LJ world! I know I've been less than communicative lately, but there has been a ton of stuff to do and not do, say and not say and I just haven't had the time to invest in a good and proper post.
June:So, I'm at Tim Horton's minding my own business when I am approached by an older gentleman.
July:I just received a call from one of the sales reps.
August:I called my parents(ie: Mother) this morning (as I do every morning) and my mom and I got to talking about the recent Detroit primary election.
September:"Who is your Boss so I may copy him or her when I send an E-mail to you, Thanking you and singing your praises"
October:Well, my brother's wedding was last night.
December: It's not my fault that you waited until 2 hours before deadline to do something you had months to do only to discover it doesn't work like you wanted it to.
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