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This weekend was full of fun and frolic (mostly).

Friday, I went shopping with Denise and my friend Beverly from NC. I bought an outfit for the fashion show. And then Beverly and I went to Dave & Busters with her younger brother and his girlfriend in tow.

I spent the night in Grand Blanc with Beverly and she drove me home Saturday morning. Then I went and got loveprincess524 (her car died Friday night) and we went to A^2.

Then, there was the fashion show AKA the fifth dimension of hell. It was so boring and my feet hurt, but I looked cute. I did make up and everything. We left there for a birthday party and the party made up for the show. I salsa danced (after changing my shoes) with my friend Steven (who happens to be an instructor) and just had a blast.

Then yesterday I went to church, dinner with Denise & Maurice, and then to the obligatory super bowl party. I was rooting for the Panthers because I always root for the underdog. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

However, my friend who predicts games based upon the prettiness of the helmets said that NE would win with a 3.5 point spread. Go figure.

So that was my weekend. Busier than I would have liked, but filled with fun people, no less.
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