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loveprincess524 made me do it

Five things to do before I die

1. Live
2. Be published
3. Own my own business.
4. Give back.
5. Go somewhere outside of North America

Five things I cannot do

1. like Bush
2. Draw
3. Fly
4. Pee on a campfire comfortably
5. Sneeze once

Five things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. Intellect
2. humor
3. A little goofiness
4. Dimples
5. Sexiness (this is generally embodied in a certain type of walk – I can't even describe it)

Five things I say most often

1. Fuck
2. whatever
3. Anyway
4. What?
5. Damnit

Five celebrity crushes

1. The Rock
2. Goran Visnjic (Dr. Luka Kovac on ER. I agree, loveprincess524, he be hot)
3. Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost, its the bad guy thing... and the smile, gotta love dimples)
4. Maurice Bernard (Link to the hotness)
5. Angelina Jolie (*shakes head* I positively cannot stand that woman)
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