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Snow and other random tidbits

I am really tired of this Michigan winter thing. Snow is not bad enough, nooooo. I had to wake up to snow on top of ice, thank you very much. It took so long to clean of the car and get to work.

Ok, enough whining.

I went to Lansing this weekend to see the Royal Rumble. I had a blast. The Rumble was decent.

Trying a new healthy lifestyle thing. Eat right(most of the time), Exercise, have spiritual growth, etc. Perhaps, if ever I get it right, I won't have so many health issues. If nothing else, I have to at least handle my stress. Because not handling my stress = panic attacks. Those are NOT fun.

So, I saw on the news this morning that Tyra Banks is coming out with a MUSIC video next month. This video will be the first single on her album. Yep, you read that right.

On that note, may your day be filled with sweet music (unlike said album).
Tags: health, update
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