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My very first entry

Whatsupper LJ world! 'Tis my very first entry after years of lurking on my friends' LJ. I'm at the job right now wishing so desperately I wasn't. Why, you ask? Because it's work. Besides, this past weekend has left me with a lot on my mind. I made a nice pair of choices and they both could backfire on me any minute.

What do you do when you have feelings for someone, yet you know it's wrong? I haven't admitted to him how I feel, but I don't think I should. Perhaps it will cause more drama, so for now I will keep my feelings to myself. I just don't know how much longer I can hold it in...

In other news, I got into major trouble at the jobstead last week. I'm lucky to HAVE a job today, because that's what kind of backlash fell upon my head. I am one blessed young lady.

Grad school is tougher than I imagined and yet easier than I imagined. It's the weirdest paradox.

Well, I supposed that's it for my very first entry. I'll try to write often and I probably will. Let's face it. Work sucks sometimes.
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