Brandi (youphoric) wrote,


Good morning! I'm ready to go back to bed now.

We had a very long weekend moving to our new place. Unfortunately, we still haven't moved everything. We have probably a car load left and the fish tank at the old apartment. The keys aren't due until Saturday and the fish are staying in the old place until Thursday.

The traffic in was pretty horrific, due to the fact that there is construction on the Lodge. This means I will have to take 12 mile down until they finish. Ugh. As much and I like our new place, I really have been spoiled with an too easy commute these past 4 years. I'm going to miss it.

I'm sore and walking around like a grandma today. My calves are extra tight and my arms are quite tender. I'm suprised that my back and right knee(that'd be the bad one) don't hurt today. I'm also suprised that my feet don't ache. Too bad the stuff doesn't unpack itself. Of course, all my hard work yielded a cleared out living room, so maybe it was worth it.

Today, I'm starting the healthy eating again. Wish me luck!
Tags: update
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