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buffyeas and I auditioned on Tuesday for the Farmington Community Chorus and...

WE GOT IN!! YAY singing!

The website is here: If you click the "hear" link on the site, you can hear how awesome the chorus is

That audition was not that easy. It was 7 minutes long, three parts:

Intro: First, exercises to determine range and placement. (I'm a DEFINITIVE 2nd soprano, so it was no surprise I got placed there. Liz, on the other hand, has quite a range, and she was harder to place)
Part 1: The director would play three notes and I had to sing them back. I got all of these correct.
Part 2: The director would play a three-note chord and I had to pick the middle note. There was one I could not hear (but it was VERY hard, to both his and the piano player's admission).
Part 3: I had to sing Silent Night. I wasn't happy with my rendition, mostly because I'm hoarse and I was pitchy everywhere. I'm also over-critical of myself, so you know how that goes. ;)

Anyway, I was good enough to get in, so I must not have been as pitchy as I imagined. No one else doubted I'd get in, but I always think people oversell my singing talent. *Shrugs*

I'm very excited to be singing again on a regular basis!
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