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Smiley With Flower


buffyeas and I auditioned on Tuesday for the Farmington Community Chorus and...

WE GOT IN!! YAY singing!

The website is here: If you click the "hear" link on the site, you can hear how awesome the chorus is

That audition was not that easy. It was 7 minutes long, three parts:

Intro: First, exercises to determine range and placement. (I'm a DEFINITIVE 2nd soprano, so it was no surprise I got placed there. Liz, on the other hand, has quite a range, and she was harder to place)
Part 1: The director would play three notes and I had to sing them back. I got all of these correct.
Part 2: The director would play a three-note chord and I had to pick the middle note. There was one I could not hear (but it was VERY hard, to both his and the piano player's admission).
Part 3: I had to sing Silent Night. I wasn't happy with my rendition, mostly because I'm hoarse and I was pitchy everywhere. I'm also over-critical of myself, so you know how that goes. ;)

Anyway, I was good enough to get in, so I must not have been as pitchy as I imagined. No one else doubted I'd get in, but I always think people oversell my singing talent. *Shrugs*

I'm very excited to be singing again on a regular basis!


la la la

We've talked since then so I heard the good news but congrats again. When we spoke you didn't mention that your partner in crime tried out too, congrats to you both. fyi its not that others oversell your singing talent its that you undersell/under estimate yourself in your many talents. The whole you being your own hardest critic thing, most of us are guilty of that one, but in reality you rock!