Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

Birthday Festivities Pt. 1


There is no list this year. Everyone I expected to remember wished me birthday wishes! I'm proud of all of you (even if you had plenty of hints).

Anyway, my birthday was pretty cool. It started with my boss (via the Bagel Fairy) bringing warm, fresh bagels and OJ in honor of the day. Then, I was taken out to lunch, where my co-workers presented me with delicious truffles (too delicious, if you ask me!)

I wrapped up the night with dinner at PF Changs. In attendance: my mom, Bernie, me, nuttie, msjellybean, buffyeas, userillusion and Shelly (once again in alpha order by first name or nickname). I had the lettuce wraps (of course) and the Shrimp Lo Mein. The waitress, also named Brandi, brought me free Crab Rangoons! YUM!!

I also got a yummy dessert, which I only tasted because we were going to Cold Stone and my mom made me feel guilty. Alas, Cold Stone was closed, so we ended up (sans mom) at Caribou Coffee instead. We hung out and talked over yummy flavored coffee and it was great fun.

Gift List:

2 Shirts
A tanzanite cross
a book of friendship quotes
a Simba Pez dispenser
A Mickey figurine
A Best Buy gift card
An Amazon gift card
Good smelling stuff (lotion and body wash)
Something To Be -Rob Thomas
Pick up Lines (a board game)
Lost Season 1
An LJ permanent account
Various e-cards.

I was happy with all my bounty. Thanks to everyone who attended and spent my day with me or sent me warm, fuzzy birthday wishes. You guys rock!
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