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Smiley With Flower

Brithday Gifts


userillusion is exempt from having to purchase a birthday gift this year. For everyone else:


Surprise me! I just want new books!


Rob Thomas - Something To Be
Wow! Gospel 2004


Star Wars
Romantic Comedies (you can't go wrong there).

DVD collections:

Alias, Season 1
Lost, Season 1
Buffy, Seasons 3,4,6,7
Angel, Any Season

Computer Router
Legos OR Designs for Legos

As usual, you are never OBLIGATED to buy me anything, but I promise to appreciate whatever you get me. :)


that's what I get for buying early!

As usual, you are never OBLIGATED to buy me anything...
Oh, sure, now you tell me!!! :P

Re: that's what I get for buying early!

HA HA! My master plan worked! ;)

Re: that's what I get for buying early!

Well in that case, I won't get you anything to make up for him buying early. Besides, what do we need to get you gifts for? It's not like it's Christmas. And...I...can't...think...of...anything...else...that...might...be...coming...up. Hmmm...

Note to you: You, uh, may want to remove "Something to Be" from the list. That's all I'm saying. And oh yeah: I get him first. ;)

Re: that's what I get for buying early!

No, nothing's coming up at all. ;)

I will remove said item from the list. ;)

Re: that's what I get for buying early!

Of course you post this after I actually go to the store and pick a gift. Literally days before you picked this i said, what to get, what to get, ok you know her, ergo you know what she likes, you can do this, blah I hate gift buying! So anyway I decide I'll get books and or movies. Then I realize that because I live in hick town usa there is neither a Boerders or a Barnes & Noble in this freaking town. FYI note I hate shopping, and I detest malls, blame a certain Arilette Green who should be in shoppers anonomous....So I go to Hastings, the closest thing to what I was looking for. So I get to the limited movie section and think Oh, Oh, I'll get Buffy...okay I'd want buffy but she'd probably want Angel a little more than Buffy then I say, crap, what seasons does she already have? Okay no movies then. We won't say exactly what books I got, but I got you something practical, something inspiring, and something um...nevermind. :-) Then I get home and think, you know youphoric is one of the few people who posts christmas lists, why oh, why didn't she post a birthday wish list (I even checked Amazon to see if you had one). Then days later low and behold...so I second, "that's what I get for buying early." Oh yea don't know if I'm first but since I'm only 3 hours from the actual occassion I'll say it now since I won't be near a computer or phone tomorrow....Happy Birthday!!!!!

Re: that's what I get for buying early!

I posted this on Friday. You really shopped that early for me? I feel special.