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Hurricana Katrina Aid

If you feel the need to give...

Detroit church accepting donations; will deliver supplies to Houston, Mobile churches [link]
Metro Detroiters who have supplies like food, bottled water, clothing and toiletries they’d like to donate to the Hurricane victims can drop them off at Greater Grace Temple, 23500 W. Seven Mile Road, east of Telegraph, in Detroit.

Bishop Charles Ellis said the church has rented two trucks and will be collecting donated items through Sunday to deliver to sister churches in Mobile, Ala., and Houston.

“Right now, the need is immediate,” Ellis said today. “And you’ve got to trust somebody. That’s why we’ve called these pastors that we’re familiar with. They are on the outskirts of the areas where people are flooding to. We’re sending our relief to these pastors and we’re leaving it up to them to put together a distribution plan.”

Specifically, the church is collecting such items as:

*Nonperishable food, preferably food that can be opened easily and eaten right away

*Toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and toilet tissue

*Clothing items like such as T-shirts, underwear, sandals, gym shoes, flip flops and shorts

*Baby formula and diapers

Those who would like to donate, but don’t have the means to get to Greater Grace Temple can call Rick Robertson at 313-640-6400 to have a volunteer pick up the donations.

To reach Greater Grace Temple, call 313-543-6000.

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