Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

New York City!

It's time to post about the trip to NYC! I have been so tired and sick since I got back that I haven't had any energy to post anything. So

Thursday: userillusion, buffyeas, Bernie and I headed out. Our plane left at 9-something in the evening, so we didn't get to the hotel until 11-something. When we got there, the guy at the counter would not give us his extra key, so he escorted us to the room. Andy was there, chillin.' That's when we found out that 1) we only have one key for five of us and 2) We had one double bed and one single bed for the five of us. We knew it was going to be a cramped couple of days! Needless to say, we definitely got what we paid for in this place (we each paid about $20 a night).

We were in the heart of Manhattan, though, so we went to a little pizza shop to satiate Andy's hunger. :) It was pretty good pizza, but that's when we learned that New York restaurant have A TON of menu choices. The menu was like a book.

Friday: Thursday night was the night we started a trend of 3am-11am sleep, so our day started late. We went to the Museum of Television & Radio. It was pretty interesting. They have theatres where they show featured TV shows and specials of the day. You can also sign up to look at some shows in the archives, which holds just about every TV and radio broadcast you can imagine. We signed up to see(or hear) the original War of the Worlds radio broadcast, the I Love Lucy pilot, the Abbot & Costello "Who's on first" radio broadcast and a selection from the Wonderful World of Disney. They were all very old and very interesting, especially the cigarette prevalence. One ad during the A & C broadcast had a Camel ad that said "Nine out of ten doctors prefer Camel..." It's amazing how things change. After the museum, we went to Times Square. They have a Toys R Us there that is 5 stories and has a ferris wheel in it! So, being big kids, we went. It was there that we met up with Jasmine for the first time. She took us down to East Village and Alphabet City (where Rent is set) and we even past the Live Cafe (also in Rent). We walked and walked until we got to a cafe called the NuYorican. They were having a poetry slam, so, needless to say, I was excited. There were four people in the slam, with various intermediarys. One of the people in the slam was AWFUL! I wanted to poke my eye out he was so bad!

Saturday: We trekked (and rode) over to Ground Zero. Construction has started over there, so there is no longer an awful lot to see. I'm glad we went, though. I was very curious about the progress that had been made. Then, we rode over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where we met up with Jasmine and Andy's friend Dan. We all sped through the Museum (which is HUGE!) because we had to go get ready for RENT! It was a fabulous show. I love the show every time I see it!

Sunday: We went to Chinatown (where it rained on us), SoHo, and then we went to a comedy show at Stand Up, New York. It was pretty good. No one sucked, but there were some people who were average. We got picked on a lot because we were sitting right next to the stage. Some guy got thrown out and started a fight with one of the bouncers, so we had action in our comedy club experience, too!

Monday: We went to the Empire State Building and the Museum of Sex. The Museum of Sex was not all it was cracked up to be. It was mostly porn, which was disappointing. However, the history of porn was fairly interesting. Anyway, we then went to Central Park. Jasmine called us from there and gave us directions to her place, which is very cute but extremely overpriced. We ate Korean and had gellatto. Yum.

Tuesday: Howeward bound, a whirlwind of a vacation complete!

We also went to Little Italy at some point in there. Ok, to recap:

Places visited:
Museum of Radio & Television
Times Square
Ground Zero
East Village
Alphabet City
Metropolitan Museum of Art
China Town
Empire State Building
Museum of Sex
Central Park
Little Italy

Comedy show
Poetry Slam

Niko's Pizza
Gray's Papaya (two hot dogs and a drink for $2.75? You can't beat that in Manhattan!)
A chinese place in Chinatown
A Italian place in Little Italy
Simply Pasta
A deli on 71st and Broadway

Random stuff:

*We were all immensely sore and blistered after walking so much
*The subway system is very hot! in the summertime heat, to the point where it is stifling.
*It was SO HOT on Friday and Saturday that we all SWEAT through our clothes. On Sunday, we were rained on, but it cooled down significantly.
*There were roaches in our hotel (eww), so we had to roach bomb our stuff when we got home.

Fun times, really.
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