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Smiley With Flower

The Mask

I never have understood people who pretend with others. I'm always angered by people who are completely different depending on the person that they are speaking with. Don't get me wrong, I realized we all alter our demeanor depending on the person we are interacting with. But the core of our personality should remain the same.

How do people claim to love others but act as though they hate them? How could anyone ever be so selfish as to backstab, connive, destroy, or defeat someone ON PURPOSE? It seems so weird to me that there are completely selfish people in this world. I guess I'm naive like that.

Sometimes I feel like I'm really close to a lot a people and sometimes the thought pops into my mind "What if they are all pretending?" Perhaps that's as irrational as I try to make it. Or perhaps I'm afraid that it's a rational thought.

Then again, I guess it's better to question things than to not. It's an interesting balance between having education and having blind faith.

Here's to all my friends, and my faith that you are who you claim to be. Because there are some people who fool you.


I'm not pretending!!

Looks like you've discovered a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm really sorry about that. I think disloyal friends will go straight to hell on judgement day. I just wanted you know that I'm really your friend and I won't pretend with you.

Re: I'm not pretending!!

Thank you. I appreciate that :)

Re: I'm not pretending!!

nor am I. We all still love ya.
So who set you off?
Your world sounds like it isn't the best place right now, despite all my complaints, I'm ... not really happy but ok, I've got a peace of mind. If you need to borrow some tranquility, let me know.

Re: I'm not pretending!!

Guess who set me off. I'll give you a hint: It's a female.

Everything is fine with me. I was just having a bad day. That happens from time to time. Don't worry about it.