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Smiley With Flower




Why thank you favorite roommate! *tee hee*

what she said

What youphoric said. ;)

Re: what she said

Why I ought to...... *shakes fist*

Re: what she said

Yeah, happy birthday!

Re: what she said

Why thank you very much :)
*Look of shock* Oh, Liz...it's your birthday? Why didn't you say something, silly girl? :)
Happy birthday!
*look of disdain* in your general direction!

So I'm enjoying my birthday, what's wrong with that?? It won't be too long before I'm dreading it- celebrate while I'm still young enough to want people to know my age. *tee hee*
Day late and a dollar short, doh! Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it was a great weekend for you.