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Goofy Smiley

Silly Poll

I'm a little hungry and a little bored. That and I have to practice my poll-creating skills :)
So here's a poll for you taking enjoyment.

Edit: I slightly modified the poll. I left out a question in the original.

What's your favorite type of cake?

What's your favorite type of icing?

What's your favorite type of cake and icing combination?

Does taking this poll make you want cake

What's cake?
Is this a metaphor for something else?


Practice makes perfect right?

I found the community I mentioned last night. Now I just need my prof to get back with me about my survey. I got an email this morning. Apparently, he lost the file (and a bunch of email) to a computer glitch/storm. I had to resubmit. :(


Shame on him losing data! I will not get started on the rant that there are many ways to protect your data and blah, blah, blah.

I asked what your favorite combination is in the poll because your favorite cake and favorite icing might not go well together. My favorite cake is chocolate and my favorite icing is chocolate, but together that is TOO much chocolate. My favorite combination is vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

Re: Hello

you? love chocolate?? NO WAY! *tee hee*
it HAS to be a metaphor for something else. cake is not just cake!


Or maybe it IS just cake. The world may never know. :)