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And so begins another week - Weekend update and stuff

This weekend was eventful (surprise, surprise). On Friday, my mom visited the apartment and we attempted to watch my brand new spanking copy of X-Men 2 (which one Bernard bought me for Xmas). I say attempted because it consisted mostly of her sleeping and me waking. How rude!

Saturday, Bernie and I went to the auto show and then to an apartment warming. Ironically, they live in the same complex as Denise does. Go figure.

Anyway, Sunday, I hung out with Andy and Cheryl. We went to go eat at Olive Garden and I ate WAY too much. Cheryl gave me a Xmas present: a book filled with famous sayings that came from poetry. It's very cool. With it came a LOTR bookmark with the ring attached. So, I was wearing the ruling ring around all day yesterday! Andy gave me a BNL CD (Stunt, to be exact) and Buffy Season One. I can't wait to watch it. I wanted so badly to get all five seasons(that are out on DVD) but it costs way too much.

Anyone up for getting me Season Two? :)

In other news, anyone in the area: My church choir is having a musical on this Saturday, January 17th at 6pm. There will be a lot of singing from us as well as several guest churches (6 as of last Tuesday).

My church is Greater Quinn AME church at 13501 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, MI 48238. For those of you familiar with the section of Detroit near Highland Park, it is where the Davison Freeway ends on the Detroit side. If you are not familiar, then mapping it on yahoo or mapquest should get you ample directions.

All are Welcome!
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