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Smiley With Flower

Toe woe

I went to the podiatrist for my toe today. He said that my toes are fine and that the infection is more or less healed. He also said that I have "curly" toenails and that is the source of my problem. Apparently, I also clip too much toenail when I clip my toe nails. He said if I clip less, it will alleviate some of my problems.

He offered to remove the nail, but he said that it is not anywhere near the point of necessity.

Yay! :)

Edit: In other news, the darn doctor took so long that I feel compelled to stay here until 6. *Mumbling and grumbling*


nappy toenails

If you had gotten the nail removed, would it have grown back any less curly?

Re: nappy toenails

I'm not sure. If he only cut off the edges, it most certainly would grow back better. I can control some of the curliness by cutting the nail properly and not wearing tight-fitting footwear.
You went to a doctor who didn't want to cut something off of ya. You went in with 10 digits and left with 10 digits. Be happy!