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Smiley With Flower

Weekend Update

On Friday, I hung out with buffyeas and Shelly. We talked to plants, mealy bugs(die, bugs, die!!), ducks, loons, herons, frogs, rabbits and trees. Yet, we didn't get any strange looks. Hmmmm.

On Saturday, buffyeas and I went apartment hunting and we found our new apartment!!! They are so cute and our rent will be the same!! It is a two-level townhouse with lots of space and windows! It has W/D in unit, reinforced walls, a kitchen 'nook' AND a den! We each get our own private bathroom in our bedroom AND there is a half-bath on the lower level for guests to use. And, we won't have to pay a security deposit AND we get back our application fee in the first month's rent. I love it. After finding the apartment, userillusion and buffyeas taught me how to play Phase 10.

On Sunday, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and then decided to BBQ at userillusion's house. We had yummy stadium brats, ice cream, cherries, alcohol and potato chips (but not necessarily in that order). Then we taught buffyeas how to play bullshit and we played more Phase 10. I still haven't won one single game. I lost ALL of them. I keep getting stuck at Phase 7(AKA The seven gates of hell).

In other news, my toe is infected :( I have to go to the doctor :( Twice. :( This week. :(


YEEEAAAAHHHHH for our new home!!!!! Is it October yet??

I'm apparently a fast learner - I believe that I one the only game of Bullshit that we played..... *tee hee*


Good thing for you, bullshit is an obnoxiously easy game to learn. You didn't even get to bullshit at all, what fun is that, really? :)

Re: HA!

Yeah... being dealt a royal flush doesn't make you a fast learner at poker, either. I'm just saying! :)

We'll have to play that one some more... when we've got more alcohol in our systems! ;)

Re: HA!

For the record, you can't say for sure that I didn't fool you..... perhaps I'm just that good.

Re: HA!

I can, however, say for sure that you are a fool ;)

Re: HA!

: p
What's wrong with your toe? Ya'll going to take in a poor traveler and foist alcohol and foreign card games on me next month?

Silly birdy

It says right there what's wrong with my toe. It's infected. :) It's an ingrown toenail.

Yeah, alcohol and card games is possible.