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The stuff of dreams

Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in the interpretation of dreams. Someone told me once that they were given the prophecy that God wanted to make me like Joseph, a great interpreter of dreams. He came to me also with the knowledge of my dream patterns, which lent some credibility to his prophecy.

I think I'll start analyzing my dreams. Maybe I'll keep a dream journal. I've been feeling an inexplicable sense of sadness lately, and though it is not great in magnitude, perhaps my dreams will lend an eye-opener as to why.

In other news, I'm going to start keeping a binder with notes on the bible. I'm going to take each bible verse and dissect it, pulling from it the lesson that is to be learned. Not only with it help me grow in my faith (something I'm striving to do), but it will also help me to help my mother write this inspirational book she has decided to write.

After this, I really cannot take on any more projects until I finish something. Otherwise, I'll never have the time to finish anything.

This weekend is going to be yet another busy one. Mom tonight, hair appt. and auto show tomorrow, a christening, lunch and dinner with people on Sunday. And somewhere in there I need to study and have a group mtg. Yep, mighty tired!
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