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Smiley With Flower

Update = here

work = Bored. The CEO apologized for not letting us know by July 1st. No new date for layoffs. More waiting and stress. Re-designing of the resume and writing a cover letter must be accomplished tonight.

The attacks in London = anger, sadness and prayers for all involved. That is all I can muster to say on it right now.

4th of July and surrounding days = ate, BBQ'ed (twice), slept, rode my bike, took a spontaneous Tuesday off, laughed, got sick, had family time, watched userillusion's fireworks spectacular, watched my brother try to set fireworks in the rain, saw Andy and ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. That about sums it up.

NYC trip = tickets bought, hotel searching to do.

Apt hunting = Saturday with buffyeas

life = chugging along ok. Loneliness, sometimes depression, but ok.


Good luck with resume and cover letter. I pray that you find something way better than where you are. That way you can gracefully leave there and not even wonder if you would have been let go or not.

Attacks in London= I'm concerned. Right now I'm participating in and exercise with dozens of other military people and the attacks are all over the news. Now granted we aren't really watching any television but the news is available if you glance at it in the dinning facility or are in the computer lab and asside from a general public announcement by one of the upper level folkds to ensure the junior level folks know what is going on, no one has said anything. No discussions, no debates, no talks, no prayers where people can see, no nothing. This desturbs me slightly because these upper folks are the same ones that have been all up in arms and talking about the global war on terrorism, and using that to justify our training and our actions and our plans as far as where we may be going and what we may be doing in the near future. Makes one wonder if the global war on terrorism only means something when its America is getting attacked. Or it could be a matter of the upper folks who are here are parots. In other words, our present government made a huge issue over a scary, bad time and set us down a course, we are ever reacting and planning and acting to go down that course and until our present government directs us to care about something else we almost blatantly ignore it? That just doesn't sound right to me.
Im glad your 4thof July was fun. How did the apartment hunting go?
I'm a little jealous that I'll be home when you go on your NYC trip, but I won't be going with ya'll. But you are right, leaving my family to spend time in NYC isn't really the nicest thing I could do with my vacation time.


We found an apartment today. I'll tell you the details later.