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Update = here

work = Bored. The CEO apologized for not letting us know by July 1st. No new date for layoffs. More waiting and stress. Re-designing of the resume and writing a cover letter must be accomplished tonight.

The attacks in London = anger, sadness and prayers for all involved. That is all I can muster to say on it right now.

4th of July and surrounding days = ate, BBQ'ed (twice), slept, rode my bike, took a spontaneous Tuesday off, laughed, got sick, had family time, watched userillusion's fireworks spectacular, watched my brother try to set fireworks in the rain, saw Andy and ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. That about sums it up.

NYC trip = tickets bought, hotel searching to do.

Apt hunting = Saturday with buffyeas

life = chugging along ok. Loneliness, sometimes depression, but ok.
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