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Red Mad Smiley


I just received a call from one of the sales reps. He works from Southern California and he has an accent, so I assume he's from Mexico.

Anyway, this is the first time I've ever spoken with him and he kept calling me "sweetie" and "honey." Terms of endearment are not insulting to me, but he said it with the tone of "How YOU doin'?" Joey Tribianni stylings.

I was very uncomfortable (and a little offended) with the tone of the conversation. Do you think I'm overreacting?


no. i was once told by a caller "lighten up, girl!" after i responded "not really, no" when he asked if i went by abby. it sounds like it's along the same lines -- just not appropriate.


It is totally inappropriate. I'm thinking maybe it's not in Mexico (cultural differences)? At any rate, I think he should know that it is not appropriate to do that in the workplace in the U. S.

Some people would construe that as sexual harrassment.

Re: Yeah

Sounds a little inappropriate. Maybe if you can talk to him again you can gently inform him that you preferred to be called by your name...

Re: Yeah

I think I will do that.