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Christmas and New Years

Here is the sordid details of my holiday. I lj-cut it for your convenience.

I finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday the 20th which gave me enough time to do NOTHING for a coupla days. So, I did nothing the first couple of days I was off. I kept vowing to clean the refrigerator which had many rotten returns (ewww). I slept and sat. The, on Christmas Eve, it was time for the traditional Karaoke night. I sang a few dittys, but since me and the Christmas spirit had a parting of the ways, I really wasn't into it. At least not until I sang "Chain of Fools" by Aretha Franklin. I got so into that song that my uncle brought me a piece of paper and told me to "write his name down" so he could "take him out." It was funny. I had a great time, with the notable exception of my father telling people that I was dating a certain West Point graduate (his words, not mine). To which I responded "Who told you that?" My family laughed at HIM for hours.

Anyway, Christmas was ok. My brother and sister-in-law when to Lansing to spend it with her family, so I didn't get to see the BABIES on Christmas. So sad. My father's side didn't have anything this year, so I went home and watched the tube. It was weird being at home at 5pm on Christmas day. I was sad and lonely. Oh well, it passed.

I went to see The Last Samurai the Sunday after Xmas. It was very good. And not because Tom Cruise was in it. It was an excellent movie on its own merit. I highly recommend it.

On the 30th, I went to spend the night with the 'rents and to help my mom cook for New Year's Eve brunch. Our family has a brunch every New Year's Eve, where everyone comes together to eat. Of course, for those who have never experienced it, brunch is a loose term, and the event lasts usually until about 7 or 8 pm. So a 10-8 brunch.

Anyway, I baked shortbread cookies and some little tthings called "tartles" which were like a mini-quiche (but less eggy) with gouda cheese, pecans, roasted bell peppers and chives. They were SO GOOD.

Anyway, I ate at the brunch. And Ate. And Ate. At around 10pm or so, I left the brunch (still going on) to go to a PARTEE and this guy Kenji's house. It was fun. I was drunk. So drunk, in fact, that while playing spades I slammed down a 5 of diamonds. I still maintain that that was a pivotal turning point of the game!

I got back to the 'rents at 5am and stayed because I couldn't drive to Southfield (in fact, thanks to Bernie for being my DD!). I woke up at 10 and saw Bernie out (as he also stayed at the 'rents and then went to bed. I woke up at 12:40pm. Now what I failed to mention at this point is that the New Year's Eve brunch WAS STILL GOING. Yep. Well more accurately, it was revived. My father invited more people over for NYEB Pt 2. I went home at about 2 after playing good daughter hostess and I slept. I didn't feel well. Not hangovery, achy. Like my back hurt. Anyway, I went to Red Lobster that night and was told that I was everything someone wanted, but couldn't have. Oh, boy.

This weekend I hung out with Bernie, my friend Ellen from Iowa, her boyfriend Sam, and her friend Sarah. We played a rousing game of Cranium and I spent the night at Sarahs only to go to prayer breakfast and a funeral the next morning.

Saturday night, Liz drove down, and shes been here ever since.

And I managed to clean the apt., the car, and my purse at some point.

So, there you have it. My break. Not long enough.

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