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Pissed Off - Work


DON'T call me and say: "There's a user at one of our locations getting an error." No user name, no location name, no error text, nothing. What do you want me to do with this information? "Can he call you?" If that were the case, why did you call me?



you should have just told her no.

Her = he and yeah right

I would be in heaping trouble if I had said no. The last time I said no to someone (actually I said, "I can't do that right this moment"), I got cussed out by the director of my department. I can imagine that conversation. "Brandi wouldn't let one of the users for our critical databases call her. He was unable to turn in his information because of it." That would not bode well at all.

And, really, I don't care if the other guy called me. But did I need an intermediary to tell me that? This is the same "call her, email her, leave it at her desk" guy. Just tell the guy to stinkin' call me if you aren't going to at least give me some of the information I need to do my freakin' job.


Re: Her = he and yeah right

Well, I suppose then that would be a bad plan. I take it that he actually called you after he received permission from his mommy?