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I just received an email from the (ex)-Director of my department with a request from his daughter. She has a class this summer and she has a survey she needs distributed.

The survey asked two questions:

1) What is happiness to you?
2) What makes you happy and unhappy?

It only took me mere seconds to sum it up. Here were my answers:

1) Happiness is a having an alignment between yourself and God's* plan for you at any particular time. It is falling into your place in the universe. This is not specific to any particular role one plays within that universe and a certain level of happiness can be generated in regards to each role. The level of happiness is dependant upon the importance of the role in your life

For example, if one is in the "right" profession, that can bring happiness, but only in proportion to how important that job is to you.

2) People make me happy. I find my happiness in the smiles of others and my sadness in their sadness. I desire things outside of that realm, but my happiness is not based in any of that. Also, God makes me happy. Communing with my higher power helps me to make sense of the seemingly nonsensical. I happy because of the communing.

I am unhappy with things that are broken. Broken relationships, people and communities makes me unhappy. I have a deep connection with people so the suffering of those around me can steal my happiness.

*Note: God does not refer necessary to my embodiment of God, but rather whatever you believe is in charge of the rules of the universe

What do you think?
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