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Smiley With Flower

The symphony and stuff

Yesterday, buffyeas and I went to the symphony. It was so much fun! The retired maestro, Neeme Jarvi, came back for an encore performance (a performance of encores, that is). It was superb and it made me realize just how much I miss playing my violin. I'm probably horribly rusty (I haven't played in 9 years now), but I would love to pick it back up. I may be getting a new violin for my birthday, so it will be the perfect time to do it.

As I raved about the symphony and watch the Pistons clobber the Spurs, I realized that my life is pretty darn cool. Despite the job woes and the school woes, I am fortunate enough to have a ton of cool people in my life who put up with my shenanigans.

I graduate TOMORROW!!!! YAY!!!


Yay MASTERS!!!!! Yay DSO. I've always wanted to go to the symphony. makes you feel all classy like...LOVE YOU! I'll try to call you tonight.

Hey there

Love you, too! I'll try to answer when you call, although I may be in some stage of outness, like bowling or something.
Congrats roomy! I'm going to have to play speed racer over to Ford field tomorrow from class - I have a group meeting after class ends. Can I be done with school too? *pleading look*

I liked going to the symphony with you. This was better than the last time. He was soooo much funnier last night. When userillusion and I went the last time, there was a guest violinist and he didn't address the audience directly.

Horray for shenanigans! It keeps life interesting *wink*


He was very funny!

no fair!

Oh, sure, I went to the boring one and you two get to go to the fun one. No fair! ;)

I'm glad you both had such a good time and made it back home in time to see the Pistons game!

Re: no fair!

The concert that we went to was not boring! Serious perhaps but not boring.

Re: no fair!

I was just kidding, sweetie. :)

Re: no fair!

No appreciation for music I tell you! *smothering a laugh*