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Memorial Day Weekend - Better Late Than Never

I'm gonna LJ-cut this for convenience, as it may get a little long.

I had a glorious, wonderful, magnificent and long overdue four day weekend, so my Memorial Day began on Thursday at 3:30pm.

Friday: buffyeas and userillusion left for San Diego, so I was left to my own devices. I actually didn't mind it as much as I thought I would and I was very productive without anyone around. I got homework done, cleaning done and most of the laundry done. There was a small problem with the bathtub handle and not being able to turn the water off, but the cutie maintenance man took care of it for me. I like it when he comes to fix things! :)

Then, I went to Lucky's with Denise, Maurice and Shelly, while Bernie and Aaron awaited for Andy's arrival. Drama was present, but after the alcohol set in I really didn't care. That and the fact that Shelly was my drama neutralizer. :)


Picnic day! The picnic consisted of Aaron, Andy, Bernie, me, nuttie, msjellybean, Shelly and Wendy (and yes in alphabetical order by first name 'cuz I'm a nerd). I brought a frisbee and Bernie brought a football, so there was a whole lot of throwing going on. Andy threw the football at my face one time, then later he stole my shoe (so what if I threw it at him? That's is totally irrelevent).

We packed up and, with the exception of nuttie and msjellybean, caravaned back to my apartment for a rousing game of poker. I lost both games, but I attribute it to the extremely strong Margarita that Shelly made me (really!).


I went to Bernie's and had a bad Bob Evan's breakfast with Aaron, Andy and Bernie. The quality of that place has really deteriorated, methinks. Anyway, after breakfast, we split into pairs to do family things. Andy and I went to my family's BBQ and Aaron and Bernie went to Bernies family's shindig. I felt really special and loved because there were some very kind words said about me. My father was especially flattering and sincere, even if he was drunk. It's like I've been waiting my whole life for my father to love me and now I realize that he always has, he's just so bad at expressing it. At any rate, I was moved.

Then, we met up with each other and Wendy and went to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I really liked it. I was satisfied that all the loose ends were tied up and everything. It was a good flick. Then, we went back to my apartment and nuttie met us for a rousing game of Cramium. It was girls vs. boys and, of course, the girls won (we are brilliant, after all.)

After the game, nuttie made clay tacos and Andy tried to make a meal out of one (which, BTW, was gross). However, after realizing just how nasty clay is, he spit it out. :)


Andy, Bernie and I went to Applebee's and Andy went back to KY. I must say I REALLY didn't want him to go and I was horribly depressed on Tuesday. I miss my Andy Lee-Lee. :(

That was my weekend. Jam-packed and full of laughs.
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