Brandi (youphoric) wrote,

And I'm back!

I have returned to the workstead for the first time in two weeks today. Let me tell you, I was not ready to come back today. I've been complaining about it since Friday. I guess it's time for the hectic schedule to start again. Fortunately, I have organized things a bit and made a couple of New Year's Resolutions to retain my sanity:

1) I will continue on my weight loss journey, loss 45-55 more pounds (hopefully, if I'm good, by the summer).

2) I will take at least 45 minutes everyday to study my bible, pray, and/or meditate.

3) I will take at least one day a week OFF from studying, one from working, one from chores (not necessarily the same day).

With these resolutions and a more organized existence (everything in ORDER; no small task), I will be able to remain healthy and sane.

In other news, I am officially getting a roommate later in the year. My old roommate Liz is moving from Gaylord down to the Detroit area and we have decided to be roomies once again. It is a great move for me, mostly because I've been so lonely in the apartment lately (I swear if one more person tells me to get a cat, despite the fact I'm allergic...)

I will post a play by play of my break soon.
Tags: reflections, update
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