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So, perhaps I do have a case of the Mondays. What's it to you?

With that said, here are the Rules Not to Piss Brandi Off (Work Version):

1) If I take the time to type an email missive to you, READ IT. I, after all, have to read every poorly written excuse for an email you send me.

2) No, I don't want to make your life any easier. As it is, I have written you a computer program that a monkey could run. Using a mouse to click a button is NOT a lot of work, so quit whining.

3) Unbeknownst to you, I do actually have other work to do. Some of this work may be more important than your work. Learn to be patient.

4) If you have a problem, explain it in detail in writing. Emailing me to say, "It doesn't work" just means it won't work longer. Leaving me a 15 minutes phone message will only make me email you and tell you to email it to me.

5) Look, lets face it: I'm a techie. I know that sometimes I get carried away and technical terms creep in that you don't understand. If that happens, tell me that. I will not flog you for this. I might, however, explain things to you again so that you understand them.

If only people followed at least these five, I wouldn't be insane today.
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