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Smiley With Flower

LOTR Rocks!

LOTR:ROTK was just...so...good!! I laughed, I cried, I had a movie going experience. I'm sad that this is the end of the line. I will miss it.

Anyway, I have been eating like a mad woman. I weighed myself and it seems I gained back two pounds this week. Never fear, slim fast is here! I think I'm going to do a coupla days of the S to the F just to be sure I maintain my weight through the holiday season. And then, its back to the old "disciplined Brandi" BLAH!

I'm hungry, although I've been eating Cheez-Its all morning.

Speaking of Cheez-Its, the reason I have those is because Thursday was one of those Murphy's law days. First, baking at 2 in the morning = disaster and a morning run to get Cheez-It replacement. Second, I had a mad stomach and a mad knee. Third, I had class, but hadn't finished my homework. Fourth, I had little sleep AND no coffee. I was not having the best of days. Of course, It all worked out. I got to eat the Cheez-Its. My knee and stomach feel better. Class went well. I got sleep. And I WON $50 at work. Not such a bad day after all.

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!!!

I am so happy that I am about to embark on two blissful weeks off! Yay me!

black_berry623 sent me the game Cranium for Christmas. I am very excited about it! It was ironic because I was just talking to Denise about getting it for Xmas and she laughed at me!

Thanks, bb! You're the greatest!!!

Well, I'm off to work Xmas luncheon #3. I love my job sometimes.


I hope no one else gets it for you

Glad you liked it sweetie!