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The best of times

I had a stupendous day yesterday.

I had a fabulous day at work. No calls all day.

Then, I was supposed to have a final and a presentation. However, when I got there my professor said that we had done everything that he asked of us and he was so pleased with our classwork performances that he's cancelling the final AND the presentation. YAY!!!

Then, the person I wanted off American Idol? Gone.

It was splendid!

The only downside was that a person was shot in the parking lot to the school right before class. The shooter got away, so I was afraid to go to class. There were helicopters, cop cars, news was madness. I walked, keys in hand, quickly to the building and prayed along the way. Scary times we live in.

Today wasn't bad, but tomorrow is FRIDAY. Nothing can upset me on FRIDAY. buffyeas and I (and possibly Bernie) are going to the Tigers game tomorrow evening. I really hope it doesn't get rained out, for its supposed to be thunderstorms. We shall see what happens!
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