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Smiley With Flower

Denise and Maurice's Wedding - Pictures

Here I am on my long bridesmaid trek down the aisle. Credit: msjellybean

The Bride. Credit: msjellybean

The wedding party. Credit: msjellybean

Bernard got to have two hot chicks as his date! Lucky dog.

Me and Bernie. Credit: msjellybean

The two hottest chicks in the place (well, except for the bride, I suppose). Credit: Bernie


you haven't really talked about this in a while... how are you feeling?
I'm fine with it. Nothing much to say that hasn't already been said. Are my feelings hurt or anything? Nope. I'm well past all of THAT.
A) The photo of the two of us is HORRID! I am SO much hotter in person!

B) I want photo credit! :)


I don't think the picture of us looks horrid or bad in any way. I'm a little shiny, but other than that, I don't have a problem with the picture.

msjellybean took the pictures, except for the ones she's in.


Re: Hmm...

well that's because you look decent in the picture, silly. :) yuck. i much prefer the OTHER side of the camera!! speaking of which, photo credits should go in the main post. i'm going to be famous one day and you need to work these connections. :)

Re: Hmm...

You both look good in the pictures, as for the looking shinny bit, were you and Bernie doing a little dancing at the reception? You both look like you'd broken a sweat some how.....

Re: Hmm...

There was no dancing, m'dear.

That just must be glare or something?

Re: Hmm...